beats me


Premiere: Meany Studio Theater, University of Washington, Seattle 2014

Choreography:  Jennifer Salk

Music:  Paul Moore

Music Performed by:  Paul Moore, Steve Korn, Ben Morrow

Lighting:  Amiya Brown

Dancers:  Caitlin Bennet
          Michael O’Neal
          Alice Gosti
          Sean O’Bryan
          Lorraine Lau
          Fausto Rivera
          Austin Nguyen   
          Megan Stutesman

Three musicians, eight dancers, and hundreds of yards of blue tape. Salk work explores perception and perspective visually and aurally. Musicians move around the space, playing on catwalks and surrounding the audience with sound, while dancers navigate and negotiate space, sometimes in concert with one another, and sometimes in ferocious opposition.

Made in collaboration with the composer, dancers and musicians.

Made possible, in part, by the Petersen Endowed Professorship.


Re-imaginings commissioned for:

Florida Dance Festival, Tampa, Florida 2014 (as part of repertory class)

Cornish Preparatory School, Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle, WA 2015