Begin Again


Premiere: Meany Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 2017

Choreography:  Jennifer Salk

Rehearsal Assistant:  Carlyn Kane

Film:  Martin Jarmick

Music:  Paul Moore

Lighting:  Amiya Brown

Costumes:  Michelle Lesniak and Christine Meyers

Dancers: Rosy Gentle, Imana Gunawan, Vivian Ho, Carlyn Kane (understudy), Callie Nissing, Michael O’Neal, Sean O’Bryan, Megan Stutesman, Charlotte Schoen


Trailer below featuring video by Martin Jarmick.

Excerpt from Begin Again performed three nights at Meany Center for the Performing Arts in Seattle 2017. Contains footage from the concert performance, content from the video projections, and sound score. Created by Martin Jarmick.

Video Artist: Martin Jarmick ( )
Producer / Choreographer: Jennifer Salk
Sound: Paul Moore
Concert Video: Jeff Curtis
Still Images: Tim Summers