Inspired by the architecture of Gould Hall at The University of Washington, D. Chase Angier and Jennifer Salk created a poetic site-specific performance exploring the difficulties of finding love in a time of complicated lifestyles, technological distraction and diminishing public spaces. During the performance, the audience was brought to various vantage points throughout the four-story atrium to watch a man and woman’s struggle to come together. This central story was complimented by other dances being performed by a large cast of dancers, and duets performed on staircases. Powerfully contrasting experiences of proximity and distance—between performers, and between performers and their audience— within the open concrete and glass environment made for a visually striking and emotionally resonant dance work.


Co-Created by D. Chase Angier & Jennifer Salk
in collaboration with the performers.

Music:    Ryan Adams, The Mamas and the Papas

Hello Man:   Wilson Mendieta
Hello Woman:   Brenna Monroe-Cook
Stair Man:   Dylan Ward
Stair Woman:   Hallie Scott

Cast:  Caitlin Bennett
       Maddie Mae Bennet
       Mike Feng
       Imana Gunawan
       Shi Li
       Austin Nguyen
       Holly Miligan
       Mackenzie Miller
       Hannah Old
       Hanul Seo
       Jeremy Sok Won Kim
       Sophia Wu
       Alice Yunjung Woo


Eyes of the skin

Premiere - Version I: Meany Studio Theater, University of Washington, Seattle 2011
Made possible, in part by the Petersen Endowed Fellowship

Re-imaginings: Version II: (Commissioned) Mimar Sinan Conservatory, Istanbul, Turkey 2011
Made possible by the Fulbright Specialist Roster grant

Version III: Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 2012
Partially funded by the Henry Art Gallery, and the Petersen Endowed Professorship

Version IV: Florida Dance Festival, Tampa Florida 2012 (repertory class

Choreography:  Jennifer Salk in collaboration with the dancers

Media (Wall) Design:  Maja Petric, PhD

Music:  Frederick Chopin, Tibetan Gong, Heroin, Paul Moore, Empire Penguins and icebergs breaching, as recorded by Douglas Quinn

Lighting:  Amiya Brown

This work is based on the book Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses, by Juhani Pallasmaa and inspired by media and light artist, Maja Petric’s extraordinary work that explores the sublime. What is at once beautiful and decaying, soothing and deeply disturbing?

beats me


Premiere: Meany Studio Theater, University of Washington, Seattle 2014

Choreography:  Jennifer Salk

Music:  Paul Moore

Music Performed by:  Paul Moore, Steve Korn, Ben Morrow

Lighting:  Amiya Brown

Dancers:  Caitlin Bennet
          Michael O’Neal
          Alice Gosti
          Sean O’Bryan
          Lorraine Lau
          Fausto Rivera
          Austin Nguyen   
          Megan Stutesman

Three musicians, eight dancers, and hundreds of yards of blue tape. Salk work explores perception and perspective visually and aurally. Musicians move around the space, playing on catwalks and surrounding the audience with sound, while dancers navigate and negotiate space, sometimes in concert with one another, and sometimes in ferocious opposition.

Made in collaboration with the composer, dancers and musicians.

Made possible, in part, by the Petersen Endowed Professorship.


Re-imaginings commissioned for:

Florida Dance Festival, Tampa, Florida 2014 (as part of repertory class)

Cornish Preparatory School, Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle, WA 2015


Begin Again


Premiere: Meany Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 2017

Choreography:  Jennifer Salk

Rehearsal Assistant:  Carlyn Kane

Film:  Martin Jarmick

Music:  Paul Moore

Lighting:  Amiya Brown

Costumes:  Michelle Lesniak and Christine Meyers

Dancers: Rosy Gentle, Imana Gunawan, Vivian Ho, Carlyn Kane (understudy), Callie Nissing, Michael O’Neal, Sean O’Bryan, Megan Stutesman, Charlotte Schoen


Trailer below featuring video by Martin Jarmick.


Excerpt from Begin Again performed three nights at Meany Center for the Performing Arts in Seattle 2017. Contains footage from the concert performance, content from the video projections, and sound score. Created by Martin Jarmick.

Video Artist: Martin Jarmick ( www.martinjarmick.com )
Producer / Choreographer: Jennifer Salk
Sound: Paul Moore
Concert Video: Jeff Curtis
Still Images: Tim Summers